Sail Away Itsy Bitsy Tote Bag


Showcasing nautical flags, sailboats and our ever popular bateau stripe designs in two colors, this Sail Away Itsy Bitsy tote bag has got appeal. Made of 100% cotton canvas, with a water-resistant interior, our mini-tote has cotton web handles and a snap closure at the top. Measuring 8" wide, by 8" tall, by 5" deep, it is perfect as a gift bag, but why limit the possibilities? It can also be used as a petite purse, lunch bag or tiny tote to carry small things to work, meetings, dinner parties, etc. Best of all, it can be reused! How great it that?

Whether they are used to transport small items to the next beach party or barbeque or used as a thoughtful gift bag, that will be a gift within a gift,  you'll find all kinds of uses for these little totes.