Saturday, April 25th: "Tomorrow Belongs to Her" Book Signing, by Veronique Diriker, 4:00 PM

Dr. Dirikir, Ph.D., CRFE, is the Chief Strategy Officer of the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore. Tomorrow Belongs to Her is a series of stories of inspiration by Veronique Diriker and eight fabulous Racanteurs.  The artwork illustrations used in the book will be hung on our walls. A book must be purchased for Dr. Dirikir to sign your copy.  All proceeds from the sale of Dr. Dirikir's book will go to the Arts and Abilities Fund at the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore in Salisbury, Maryland. 


Saturday, June 27th: Michelle Demanche Photography Exhibit & Opening Reception, 4:00 PM
Michelle Demanche is an artist creating images dealing with perception, illusion, and memory. She is a visual storyteller working with many media falling into narrative series. Technically, she regularly combines traditional photography, digital photography, traditional printmaking, painting, drawing, handmade papers into visual collage. Her art works are exhibited nationally and internationally garnering many awards such as 1st place in photography at the Florence Biennial of 2004.   There is no cost to attend this event.  Adult beverages and snacks available.
Saturday, July 25th: Bonnie Justice Mosaic & Painting Exhibit & Opening Reception, 4:00 PM
Bonnie Justice is a local artist, who has lived in Crisfield, MD her entire life.  She works with wood, acrylic, and mosaic.  Her artwork is in great demand by locals and tourists alike.  There is no cost to attend this event. Adult beverages and snacks available.